Quién Soy

He was educated at a young age in the modest family business, Guillermo Villanueva was imbued with the atmosphere that emanated from the clothes and accessories that his parents exhibited in their stores.

In his childhood and youth, he spent quite a lot of time among pins, fabrics, needles and threads, showing high curiosity about how the pieces used for making the dresses and costumes were sewed and made. Curiosity became inquisitiveness, so he enrolled in the Fashion School in Madrid. There he learned in a more professionally way all the necessary processes to express his fashion ideology in pieces of clothing.

To increase his knowledge, he moved to Galicia to study a Master in Patternmaking. At that time, he had the opportunity to meet great designers and extract from each of them the creative details that best suit to his fashion concept. By that time, he was able to accumulate enriching professional experiences, which allowed him to gradually configure his male fashion profile, what led him to create his brand "Guillermo Villanueva" in 2013.

Linked to the family business in Toledo city, Guillermo projects his designs to find a profile of elegant man in all its dimensions. He chooses the English textile tradition to inspire its collections in it.
He always selects the best wool with stylish patterns that configure an attractive line. With personality.

The 2019 collection is his sixth personal one. He offers a mature and convincing combination, that is designed for the man to project his meticulous  personality and proud to offer a good image.

According to Guillermo Villanueva, the way you are dressed up reflects an important part of the individual personality. Villanueva loves to design for the man committed to himself and his environment. A groom who shows confidence and outlines a masculine and natural appearance.